Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Free College Proctor Sessions

It is always fun to review the various service metrics which define the libraries service performance at year-end.  As a result of that process, I thought it would be interesting to cull out and list our latest statistics. These numbers represent the diversity of services provided and demonstrate an added value lying far beyond those the beliefs of most when thinking of Library services. The following represent those findings: 

The libraries annual usage follows: 215,002 visitors, 325,959 loans, 1727 new card issued, 109,068 Website visits, 42,189 questions answered, 919 Main Library programs, 170 Library programs, 207 Adult programs, 141 Teen Programs, 741 Children’s programs, 79 Maker Space programs,13 concerts, 538 Passports, 161 Notary transactions 4,419 room reservations,61 technology training hours,9,950 E-Book reads, 4,721 Audiobooks hears, 439 Maker Space teaching hours, 19,812 computer uses, 135 Farmington Room uses, 737 Adult Reading program readers, 309 Teen summer Readers, 1,329 child Summer Readers, 546 Volunteer hours... 

And, 47 free college proctors examination sessions.