Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Late Spring Book Reviews from Winter Readings, Jay Johnston

Late Spring Book Reviews from Winter Readings, Jay Johnston

If you are excited about the rigorous procedural, olfactory, and logistical preparation required to become a sommeliers along with great science and delivered with  keen sense of language and art. You will enjoy Bianca Bosker’s Cork Dork  (641.22 BOS)

If you are in management or aspire to it, Tevi Troy’s, Shall we Wake the President,
(973.099 TRO) is a well written cookbook for disaster planning providing a keen insight into the importance of knowing how to respond and correct disastrous situations.

The Age Of EM,   by Robin Hanson (303.483 HAN) is a economics projection to a future of a cyborg run world by an economist who has done a great deal of thinking and modeling to hypotheses a very different future. This book is only for the serious social scientist or critical thinker,

Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy (362.582 PAR)  If you became engaged in reading EM then,  Basic Income is for you! This book is textbook like but popularly presented as an economic alternative or enhancement to current economic models.