Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A 2017 must read...

I just recalled and became excited about a book I read at the start of the millennium and a great book to read at the start of 2017; How the Irish saved civilization: the untold story of Ireland's heroic role from the fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe / Thomas Cahill.   The Farmington Library the call number is 941.501!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2017 Book Reiew Project

Happy New Year, 2017 is fast upon us and as a New Year's goal, I plan on reading the enclosed list throughout the year, and will comment on each after each read.  The call numbers listed with the corresponding title are in our collection, where titles listed without call numbers are on order and not yet available. Please stay tuned.

The Undoing Project - Michael Lewis  (call number 153 LEW)
Shoe Dog - Phil Knight  (call number B KNIGHT, PHILIP H.)
Last Days of Night - Graham Moore (call number FICTION MOORE)
Whiplash - Joi Ito and Jeff Howe [Call number: FICTION COULTER]
Grit - Angela Duckworth (call number 158.1 DUC)
Originals - Adam Grant (call number 153.3 GRA)
Chaos Monkeys - Antonio Garcia Martinez (call number 338.47 GAR)
Powerhouse - James Andrew Miller (call number 792.06073)
TED Talks - Chris Anderson(call number 808.51 AND)
#ASKGARYVEE - Gary Vaynerchuk(call number 658.8 VAY )