Monday, July 11, 2016

A review of the Book by Robert M. Gates, A Passion for Leadership

Robert M. Gates, A Passion for Leadership, (B Gates RobertS) brilliantly presents an anecdotal approach to how Gates led as; Defense Secretary, CIA Director, President of Texas A&M and President of the College of William & Mary, with measurable positive affects. In this biography, he elucidates on his passionate commitment to the necessary cultural changes required to each organization’s structure in order to strategically meet that organization’s specific goals.  Mr. Gates provides a how-to approach for the determination of those prerequisite cyclical and structural changes needed to affect positive organizational outcomes. He then carefully defines the role of the newly appointed leader as listener, collaborator, observer, and director with personal examples, while stressing the importance of keeping his eye on the ball at all times.  Gates further reinforces the importance of being passionate and strong yet; smart and when dealing with those internal and external forces which can undo a leader when not properly addressed.