Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving,the great All-American holiday

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and celebrates the Pilgrims first harvest in 1621 with a feast. Pilgrims should not be confused with Puritans who established Massachusetts Bay Colony, Boston, in 1628.

This is the great All-American holiday, in my book, because it requires us to stop, reflect, be together and remember what life has brought us: family, friends, high school and college football games and a great deal of wonderful food spread out on a well thought out table. Yet, all defined by Turkey size and aromatics.

I wish you the best holiday and hope we can celebrate the simple joys of health and life and safety. In that regard, we each seek consistency in our lives and nothing is truer to that  than the good will and effort given by our Staff, Board, Town Staff and officials, the FVGLA, Friends of the Library and our many volunteers who all together add great value to our work. Indeed, it is remarkable, that during this globally conflicted and volatile times, people still practice a dedication to others quietly and effectively. Indeed, many today are as confused, angry and fearful of their future as others are, yet they take time to make a quiet difference without regard to who the difference comes to, but rather that good for one equals good for all. Dostoevsky’s, the little orphan, presents an emotive and Dostoevskian reality to remind us of the importance of kindness.

I wish everyone health and poetry this thanksgiving season.

All my Best,