Friday, October 30, 2015


As October is coming to a close, two remarkable events come to mind, Halloween and the change to standard time. I suppose the idea of Halloween, no matter how you derive its origins, was inspired by the stark realities of a lethal cold punctuated with the subsequent death of all apparent living things on the landscape, the flora. This protracted reality of quietly dying from a profusion of beautiful splendid colors into the bleakness of winter is only relieved by the hope of rebirth in spring.  Why not go out and dress-up in outrageous costumes and knock of stranger’s doors for soul cakes, candy or tricks for treats.

This abandonment of the green of summer to a stark, barren landscape is exacerbated by the incremental increase in darkness creeping most directly into the day each morning into a nighttime that has covered the familiar sunshine of recent months past. To wit, the best thing about the end of October to my mind is the time change that will return light to the morning yet alas, ying and yang, cloaking the afternoon ever closer to the emerging morning light.