Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Three cheers for the FVGLA

Shown above L to R are: Norma Hartley, Rita Johnson, Mike Gurski and Terry Roberts

The Farmington Village Green and Library, FVGLA, Association was founded in 1901. Its purpose is to serve the Farmington community through library and museum services in addition to maintaining Memento Mori and the Village Green at the intersection of Route 10 and four.  This year the FGLA leadership decided to consolidate all of our programs into one booth celebrating the work of the FVGLA at the Unionville Festival.  Everyone had a great time and the booths were magnificent.  Special congratulations to our fearless team leader, Norma Hartley, for a job well done along with the whole Festival Team. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Library trustees, Allison deVaux and Ida Franklin were presented with D. Newton Barney Society designation

Allison deVaux and Ida Franklin were both congratulated on a job well done and presented with the D. Newton Barney Society designation on the occasion of their retirement from  Farmington's library board  at the September 17 meeting.   We thanked them for their service and wish them well  as they go on to other ventures.