Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Governor Malloy Visits Farmington Connecticut Libraries


It is amazing how, in the presence of children, people reveal themselves without affect. Indeed, Governor Malloy's visit to Farmington today provided validity, not only to his commitment to education but also to his affection for and love of children and his belief in the critical importance educating young people early and how the  public  library enhances that process when utilized.  Indeed, libraries provide children with a love for and  understanding of the joys of reading. 

Governor Malloy was gracious, kind and engaged with all  but particularly with the youngest amongst us including the teens who were so impressed and engaged by him.  In the end, the children's team carried the day and were as spectacular, as always, and communicated the joy of sharing the gifts of story, song, reading and community with grace and acumen. It is without exception again that, Tucker, our reluctant reader dog coach was fabulous as well. I just love working with people who are committed to improving the world one act at a time. And,  I am honoured and joyful with the work children's librarians do throughout the state and country but today I am particularly excited about the people with whom I work; the people of Farmington Connecticut, U.S.A.   

In closing,  I wish to thank all the children's services librarians who attended our celebration  from as far away as Stamford  and especially those Farmington Village Green and Library Association (FVGLA) Board members who were able to attend: President George Reider, Vice President, Terry Roberts, Chairman, Mike Andreas.  Library Board members: Chairman, Bill Hayhurst,  Rob Huelin, Allison deVaux, Ida Franklin, Linda Chapron, Andy Baron, Janice Carroll. Friends,  Norma Hartley. Town Councilman Mike Demicco,  School Board Chairperson, Mary Grace Reed. State Senator, Terry Gerratana, and State representatives, Bill Wadsworth and Brian Becker. And, most of all, I wish to thank our wonderful harpist Pearl Rourke and the parents and grandparents who make the time in these busy times to take their children to the library to learn the joys of reading and social development at the the library.  

All my best,  Jay

On Monday, May 14, Governor Dannel P. Malloy, at the request of Farmington Libraries Director, Jay Johnston, visited The Farmington LIbrary at 6 Monteith Drive, Farmington.  The event was scheduled to showcase the early literacy efforts of public libraries in the arena of birth thru five programming.

Welcomed to the library by a teen-age harpist, the library director, library board members, local government officials, and librarians from around the state, Governor Malloy toured the building and noted the large number of teens in the teen area.  Arriving downstairs, he was greeted by The Children's Services Staff.  He was given an original design purple summer reading tee-shirt that said DREAM BIG READ at Farmington Libraries, http://www.farmingtonlibraries.org/ in lime green letters, a notebook for recording titles read for The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program and a new parent packet that included a diaper bag, a onesie, a bib, three books, a reading list, a brochure of finger plays, a coupon for coffee and biscotti, a bookmark, a magnet with library locations and hours, a library card registration form, and a list of children's program offerings.

Around the perimeter of The Children's Room, Children's Librarians presented mini programs which included BabyRhyme Time, Pre-school Story Hour,Bite Size Science, and Read to Tucker, a Delta certified Reading Education Assistance Dog.  The governor visited each station and saw artistically decorated boards that listed the specific educational goals of each literacy program, demonstrating the importance and value of library programs.  In an impromptu reading, a four year old boy read his book out loud to the governor, proof that early literacy interventions work!

Speeches by Director Jay Johnston, Governor Malloy, and elected officials were followed by the serving of chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting, which read: Growing Readers At Farmington Libraries.  That was apparent to the two hundred people in attendance on Monday, as Farmington made the case for the role that libraries have in literacy and the academic success of our children.

Kathy Lescoe

Kathleen M. Lescoe
Director of Children's and Branch Services
Farmington Libraries
6 Monteith Drive
Farmington, Connecticut
860-673-6791 x 335