Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tinker Murphy's, Final Good-bye Tea

Farmington Libraries Director of Operations, Tinker Murphy's, 
 Final Good-bye Tea
Congratulations to Sidney (Tinker) Murphy on her decision to retire after giving over 34 years of outstanding service to the people of Farmington. 

We have relied upon her constantly for her expertise, enthusiasm, sense of humor and knowledge of the library and employees. It is because of Tinker that we were able to operate our outstanding organization beyond expectations. She is a great leader and professional. And, although we shall miss her, we are supremely happy for her because she is headed off on the adventure to which we all look forward. 

Tinker, will be terribly missed by all of us who have depended upon her knowledge and collegiality and especially her ability to deal with the many complex "issues" we face daily.

It is our distinct pleasure to have served with you. Thank you again for your service, kindness, humility, and intelligence, but, mostly, thank you for your humanity. You are the best!