Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Library Board Recognizes Staff for outstanding service in 2010

IT was threatening more snow and a cold forecast this January 26 morning when the staff and I convened for a special Board meeting to acknowledge the great performance and productivity of the library staff over the past year as we celebrated: The Barney Library rennovations and additions coming to fruition along with the installation of KOHA, an open source electronic catalog, personnel reorganization, new programs, services and initiatives. It was the Board's recognition of the staff's tenacity and humanity that struck me with such poignancy. However Trustee Terry Roberts eloquence in explicating the rationale for their recognition sums up everything.

Thank you Terry and all Board members for this wonderful tribute to our staff:

Remarks by Terry Roberts

Barney Library Staff
With apologies to the Irish

There once were three ladies from Barney
Who packed up their books for a journey
And while they were gone
There was much carrying on
As walls, floors and ceilings were prettied

Soon Kathy and Susan and Jane
Came back to their home on the Main
With smiles on the faces
And shiny new spaces
The Barney is open again!
Lending Services
With apologies to Clement Moore
Down in the Village there arose a great clatter
The Barney was closing—oh my a disaster
Away to the Main went all of the books
As workmen and bulldozers invaded our nook

The patrons, complaining, all headed West
To add a new burden to the busy front desk
And just as the KOHA was settling in
The business increased –Oh my! what a din!
With smiles on their faces and assistance for all
The staff moved ahead with nary a fall--
Now Anita, now Janet, now Karen and Ann
Go Deb, Go Sarah , Go Toni and Diane
Check them in, check them out, file DVD disks
Processing, processing, processing picks

Each stepped up to the plate and gave all they could muster
And carried on for a year to support their small sister
And at the end of the time as things settled back in
It was well worth the effort for a jolly win-win!

Children’s Services
With apologies to James Whitcomb Riley
The Barney children’s section came to our house to stay
An’ share the pictures and the toys, an’ other things for play
An’ read the stories, an’ recite poems as Vida told them to
An’ Trish tells tales, an’ Eva too, an’ there’s lots of things to do

An’ Paula, Joan and Angela, when the afternoon is through
All set around the desk an’ has the mostest fun
A listen’ to the kiddies tales ’at each one tells about
Er the three-year olds ‘at gits you
Ef you

An’ children’s librarians say when the sky is blue,
An’ the lightbulbs sputter, ‘an the wind goes woo-oo!
An’ you hear the library’s closing, ‘an the night is near
An’ the toys and books is put away for use another day--—
You better mind yer parents an’ yer librarians fond an’ dear
An’ take care of your books, an’ never leave a smear
An’ be sure to use your special card to check them out
Er the Librarians‘ll git you
Ef you
Information Services
With apologies to William Blake
KOHA! KOHA! Burning bright
In the browser--out of sight
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame this Out Source symmetry?

Hal lead people to the skies
Dodging fire from their eyes
Computer lit for all aspire
But some of books will never tire

And Terry and Celia have an art
To answer questions for a start
And when their heads begin to beat
Deb or Molly will take the heat

Then the CCar throws down its wares
And our Sue is sometimes full of fears
More ILL? Request gone mad!
Dare we hope it’s a passing fad?

Teens! Teens! Burning bright
In the their corner full of light
Laura guides with hand and eye
To frame their future literacy

Info! Info! Burning bright
The second floor all filled with light
Everyday you deal with strife
And help our patrons enjoy life!

Collection Management
With apologies to Alfred Noyes

The books were a torrent of color among the steely desks
The boxes a tower of paper piled into collapsible nests
The bursas a beacon of dawning over the messy floor
And the Collection gals came striding—
The Collection gals came striding to clear it up once more.

Tinker sits down to her computer, shaft of papers in her hand
She enters all the data to note where things will land
Karen has already checked that things were as should be
But everything is crossedchecked,
Yes, everything is crosschecked
It all needs to be crossedchecked before a patron sees

Round disks with circle centers, a number on their case
Debbie handles all the visuals-–a popular patron taste
Yet, still they do return them without their special dome
And Debbie makes them over
Yes, Debbie makes them over
Perhaps someday they’ll get it, when the cows come home!

Each book must have its label and then its catalogued
Bernadette does grownups and children are Lucille
It’s always fun to follow, when best sellers do arrive
You try to hold it early
Yes try to hold it early
But usually there’s a line

Books come in and books go out from near and far away
Our Phil is here to pack them up and put them on their way
Each code tells C-car drivers, exactly where to go
And sometimes there are mishaps
Yes, sometimes there are mishaps
But eventually they get home!

And when the day is over, and night falls over all
When the lights are lowly and the sounds are dull
What happens about midnight, quiet silent midnight
What happens about midnight?
Do all the books share stories to pass the hours until light?

With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the year long ride to get us here
On the somthinkth of November in good old ought nine
Everyone here was then alive
And remembers that famous day and year

Jay said to the group, we’re about to proceed
To close down the Barney, so please all take heed
Pack up all the books and computers too
And hang a message aloft to alert all the crew
Steve and Rich will be by to lend you a hand
And I’ll get the money to hire the band
Of movers and shakers to do the construction
And soon we will all be back to perfection.

Meanwhile, Bernie and Mary Beth, through letters and bills
Watch the action and process stuff through the mill
Life goes on at the library and so you see
Their job is still busy, as busy can be
Barb is up to her head in the switch to the KOHA
She watches and listens to find out how it ‘oughta
Make sure that the Barney is going to be right
And the building progresses –what a sight!

Meanwhile, the Library goes on its way
Serving its patrons both night and day
As the year rolls along, we see wonderful sights
And KOHA and Barney are our great delights
And so in conclusion we want you to hear
How we value your stewardship all through the year.
We thank, we thank you and remember this
Without you this journey would not have success.