Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Afternoon at The Bijou" by Terry Matava


With the help of Bernie and Laura, we launched "Afternoon at The Bijou" with our new popcorn machine - the patrons LOVE it - there were 42 in attendance when the film started. I asked what brought them in: the movie, the air conditioning or the movie - they enthusiastically responded with "all three!" They were very appreciative - I thanked them back for their support!

Best, Terry

Wadsworth Atheneum Director, Susan Talbott presented a fabulous museum program

Wadsworth Atheneum Director, Susan Talbott presented a fabulous program on Sol Lewitt's collected works in the Atheneum's collection including wall drawings, sculpture and flat art. In addition, she detailed the wonderful new and forthcoming renovations planed for the Museum over the next few years. Thank you Susan, we all learned so much through your thoughtful and intelligent talk!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farmington Libraries go to Camp Courant

I had a wonderful time working with a few Camp Courant children here in Farmington. Youth and childhood are fleeting so having the opportunity to work and being immersed with these children was very rewarding and fun. Thank you all for being such good sports... J