Friday, December 30, 2011

Library Volunteers make the Difference...

It is always great fun to get together to celebrate success and  the 67 volunteers who attended our 5th annual volunteer celebration breakfast were no exception.  I too, had a great time in preparing and serving a well-deserved thank you Omelet to each wonderful volunteer.

And, special Thanks to 2011 volunteer award recipients: Pat Smith, who singlehandedly rearranged the main library’s adult nonfiction collection and Jessie Saxton, who worked tirelessly to keep our gardens beautiful throughout the years.  And, a special shout out to all the other  volunteers  who together are the great force which makes this the best library on the planet. All my best as we go forth to 2012... 

My entire best Jay.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Looking Ahead to Twenty Twelve

At this new beginning, I reflect upon the past and look ahead to the new with a keen eye for what can be. Looking there, I see many possibilities and challenges on the horizon. I hope you, too, see exciting possibilities and opportunities in the year ahead.  I shall look forward to sharing them as we navigate the libraries toward 2013.

All My Best,


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tinker Murphy's, Final Good-bye Tea

Farmington Libraries Director of Operations, Tinker Murphy's, 
 Final Good-bye Tea
Congratulations to Sidney (Tinker) Murphy on her decision to retire after giving over 34 years of outstanding service to the people of Farmington. 

We have relied upon her constantly for her expertise, enthusiasm, sense of humor and knowledge of the library and employees. It is because of Tinker that we were able to operate our outstanding organization beyond expectations. She is a great leader and professional. And, although we shall miss her, we are supremely happy for her because she is headed off on the adventure to which we all look forward. 

Tinker, will be terribly missed by all of us who have depended upon her knowledge and collegiality and especially her ability to deal with the many complex "issues" we face daily.

It is our distinct pleasure to have served with you. Thank you again for your service, kindness, humility, and intelligence, but, mostly, thank you for your humanity. You are the best! 



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Growing Up Armenian in Turkey

We are excited to  have Dr. John Balian bring his story to the Farmington community.  Please mark your calendar for February

John D. Balian, will discuss his first self-published novel "Gray Wolves and White Doves" here on Wednesday February 29th @ 7:00 pm.  Dr. Balian was born in a small village in Anatolia Turkey and grew up in several Middle Eastern and European countries prior to his emigration to to  United States.  Grey Wolves and White Doves relates his personal  experiences as a young Armenian boy in modern Turkey and the Middle East. He will discuss the process of writing his book and answer  questions regarding his experiences.  

Dr. Balian is a graduate of Columbia and Tufts University School of Medicine, and currently  a senior executive of a US-based global corporation

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ride 'Em Cowboy

We are just so excited with our newest acquisition, a gift, of an old fashion mechanical horse. Jane Maciel, our resident Artist, has hand painted it to Merry-go-Round specifications from official Carousel art. The children are able to ride it on special occasions upon completion of reading a book or other important children's matters.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Barney Bash! Thanking All Our Wonderful Donors

It is always special when people who share the same vision of community and commitment get together. It was just that occasion on last Friday evening, December 2, when about 400 library and museum donors got together to celebrate community, friendship and purpose. I am especially grateful to our hospitality co-chairs Monique Schatten and Jane Dalal along with Norma Hartley, creator of our fabulous evening table arrangements. Naturally, the many Trustees who cooked baked and poured all made the event one of a kind and a wonderful lasting Farmingtonian memory…

P.S. Please click on the picture for a slide show
Best J.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving,the great All-American holiday

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and celebrates the Pilgrims first harvest in 1621 with a feast. Pilgrims should not be confused with Puritans who established Massachusetts Bay Colony, Boston, in 1628.

This is the great All-American holiday, in my book, because it requires us to stop, reflect, be together and remember what life has brought us: family, friends, high school and college football games and a great deal of wonderful food spread out on a well thought out table. Yet, all defined by Turkey size and aromatics.

I wish you the best holiday and hope we can celebrate the simple joys of health and life and safety. In that regard, we each seek consistency in our lives and nothing is truer to that wish than the good will and effort given by the Friends of the Library and our many volunteers. Indeed, it is remarkable, that during this globally conflicted and volatile times, people still practice a dedication to others quietly and effectively. Indeed, many today are as confused, angry and fearful of their future as others are, yet they take time to make a quiet difference without regard to who the difference comes to, but rather that good for one equals good for all. Dostoevsky’s, the little orphan, presents an emotive and Dostoevskian reality to remind us of the importance of kindness.

I wish everyone health and poetry this thanksgiving season.

All my Best,


Yea! The Friends of the Library's Fall Book Sale held on saturday November 19th netted $2500, all of which will be used to purchase new materials and fund programming for the libraries. If you would like to help the libraries, volunteer opportunities are available in the following efforts:

1. The Friends Book Sale is a tremendous undertaking and provides great camaraderie and fellowship.
2, Master Gardner’s are expert in their work and dedicated to beautifying the library garden
3. Adult Volunteers do many tasks in the library to support the staff including returning materials to the shelves and item repair
4. Teen Volunteers read to pre-K children, and work at the children's desk for program sign-up and special tasks.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Barney Library Donors 2010

Christine Abreu / Robert Althen / Mr. & Mrs. Paul O. Anderson / Mr. & Mrs. Michael Andreas / Dianne Antos / Ralph & Ann Arcari / Mr. & Mrs. Robert Arena / Mr. & Mrs. John Bailey / Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bailey / Alma Taylor Bailey Trust Fund / Alice & Michael Baker / Bank of America Foundation / Andy Baron / Randy & Ann Barton / Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bartucca / Ed & Fran Bassett / Michael Bassock & Ingunn Hekneby / Alexander Battista / Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bauer / Leslie Beal / Frances Beckerman / Alexander Bednarek / Dr. Joseph Belkin / Melvyn & Elaine Bemis / Steve & Beth Bemis / Carol H. Bennett / Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bergman / Dolores Bernard / Jill Best / Mr. & Mrs. Brewster Blackall / Margaret Bliss / Dr. G. Peter Bloom / Mr. & Mrs. Alfred O. Boettger / Deanne Born / Susan Bostic / Alexia Bouchoms / Barbara & Michael Bourque / Christine Bradley / James Brockman / Mr. & Mrs. William R. Bronson / Robyn Brooks / Donald L. Brown / Mr. & Mrs. Albert Brunoli / Mark & Diane Bruzik / Evelyn Buckley / Joe & Wendy Burke / Nausherwan Burki / / Mr. & Mrs. John Burns / Mr. & Mrs. Robert Byler / M.I. Cake / James F. Calciano & Marcie Schwartz / Kerry & Maura Callahan / Dr. Barbara Campbell / Madeline Cannon / Janice Carroll / Dr. & Mrs. John W. Cavo, Jr. / JoAnne Ceccarelli & Pat Egan / Theresa & Timothy Cecil / Joann V. Cephas / Dennis & Linda Chapron / Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cheesman / Mr. James Cherry / Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cheshire / Allen Chin / James & Judith Cillizza / C. M. Clark / Michael Clark / Peggy & Bob Clark / Eileen S. Clyne / Ellen Conturso / Margaret M. Cook / Paula K. Corrao / Mr. & Mrs. Ken Coscia / Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cosentino / Thomas & Barbara Costello / Evan Cowles & Brie Quinby / Alan & Betty Coykendall / Robert Coykendall / Mary H. Crary / Brandon J. Curtis / Guy and Sheryl Cusanno / Christina Czyrko / Marie D'Occhio / Christina Dagradi / Bruce & Barbara Daigle / Jane & Jag Dalal / Michael Daly / David De Nuccio / Mr. & Mrs. Enzo DeDominicis / Mr. & Mrs. John Delaney / Nicole E. DeLong / Thomas Dembik / Edward H Deming Agency / John M. Deming / / Lucy Devin / Elizabeth Dexheimer / Hortense Dexter / Mr. & Mrs. Tad Diesel / Frances F. Dillon / Alice Dixon / John Donagher / Mr. & Mrs. Robert Donald / David Donaldson / Mary & Peter Dorpalen / Marie Dudley / Lieselotte J. Dumais / Catherine F. Eastwood / Bruce Edgren / Charlotte K. Edkin / Eleanor G. Elkins / Ray Elling / Bobbie Emery / Hope Emery / George England / Mr. & Mrs. James English / Charles & Candace Evans / Farmington Jr. Women's Club / Farmington Rug Hookers n Rug Hookers / Farmington Police Mutual Benevolent Assoc. / Farmington Bank / Farmington Community Chest / Terry Feder & Vince Tully / Ronald Field / Stephen B. Fields / Joanne Fiorillo / Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fisher / Anne C. Fitzgerald / Edward & Margaret Flanagan / Beatrice Formaggioni / Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fowler / Jerry & Ida Franklin / Friends of the Farmington Library / Chris Fuselier / Tina Gagner / Via Garafola / Mr. & Mrs. Mel Garfinkel / Pierre Genest / Jay Glasel / Joyce Godin / Iris Goldfarb / Evan Goldstein / / Mr. & Mrs. William Gombatz / Dorothy M. Gondek / Jerald B. Gooden / John Gorski / Curt Goswick / Ilyse Gottlieb / Linda Grabulis / Carol & Kenneth Graham III / Janet W. Grasso / Donald Grayson / Mr. & Mrs. John Grocki / Margaret Grocki / Michael & Jamie Grocki / William & Michelle Grocki / Charlotte Grossman / Philip J. Guglielmo / Michael & Brenda Gurski / Margo Hablutzel / Richard Hadden / James & Sandra Hamilton / Jonathan Hammer / Holger Hansen / Meredith A. Harris / Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Harrison / Hartford Foundation for Public Giving / Norma Hartley / Tom & Wendy Hatch / Kim Hawes / Aileen Hawkins / Mr. & Mrs. William Hayhurst / Marcia Herrera / Holly Holden & Company / Stuart & Holly Holden / Michael & Julie Holt / Ellen G. Howe / C. Elizabeth Hudon / William & Wendy Hudon / Sarah & Robert Huelin / Kevin & Ann Hughes / Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hunter / Phyllis Janiszewski / Teresa Janiszewski / Dr. & Mrs. Peter Jannuzzi / Barbara Javarone / Viola Jenkins / Dr. & Mrs. Loftus Jestin / Jean B. Johnson / / Jonathon Johnson / Lisa Johnson & Ted Lindquist / Margaret Johnson / Theresa Johnson / Jay & Cynthia Johnston / Robert Jones / Eric Jorgensen / Mr. & Mrs. Ray Josephson / Robert Julian / Henry & Lucille Jurgilewicz / Calvin Kaiser / Betsy M. Kaplan / Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kaufman / Pamela J. Kedderis / Christopher Kelly / Jervis D. Kester / Martin Kibbe / James & Joanne King / Judith D. King / Marjorie King / Eva G. Klinger / Barbara Knibbs / Kohitech International / Carol A. Kolp / Robert Kosher / Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kramer / Anthony Kruk, Jr. / Janis & James LaFrance / Petronella Lair / Irene Lamont / Wendy LaPierre / Vida & Malek Lashgari / Emilia Lavendier / Joanne Lawson / Dr. & Mrs. Charles Leach / Mr. & Mrs. Edward Leary / Kathleen Leary / Lesley Leganza / Lisa Legowski / Kathleen M. Lescoe / David Levin & Martha Greenwood / Barbara & Philip Levine / William Lidgerwood / Judith Lohman / The Look-Out Fund / Paulie E. Luedee / Lumbermen's Merchandising Corp. / / Claude Lussier / Leanne Lyman-Gombatz / Cornelius Lynch / Susan & James MacArthur / Jane Maciel / William MacKay / Barry Martin / Suzanne Maryeski / Sharon Masi / Mr. & Mrs. George H. Mason / Henry & Esther Mason / Alexander Mastrobattista / Anne & Chris Mathieu / Dr. & Mrs. F. Taylor Mauck / Lloyd McCarthy, II / Ronald & Mary McKenna / Patricia & Robert McLaughlin / Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. McNamara / Teresa McTague / Dr. & Mrs. Peyton H. Mead / Paul & Cecily Mehlman / Angelo & Patricia Messina / Charles & Patricia Michet / Michael & Kay Miranda / Antonette & Jeff Molson / James & Joan Morrow / Ann Mullen / Jane & Erwin Murdock / Blaine & Tinker Murphy / Michael & Dawn Mushok / Martin & Jody Nadeau / Chris & Mary-Ellen Nelson / Mary Nevius / Ann Newbury / Richard Newell & Josephine Croal / Alan & Nancy Nickerson / June Noble / Joanne Norr / Sarah C. Norris / William B. Novoa / Edmund Noyes / David O'Leary / Dr. & Mrs. James F. O'Rourke / Michael & Tara O'Sullivan / Anne & Doug Oberg / Olabisi Olatokunbo / Mr. & Mrs. Paul Orth / / Otis Elevator / Edward & Virginia Owens / Joan Packer / Sandra Paisley / Jane Palley & Larry Young / T. David & Sherra Palmer / Daniel Pandora / David Pandora / Paneloc Corporation / Morris & Honi Papernik / Christine & William Park / Mr. & Mrs. James Parke / Mary Jane Cullum Parlow / Eleanor B. Parsons / Jean Pelletier / Denise M. Perreault / Helene Perzanowski / Esther Petersen / Emily & Thomas Pettit / Steven & Carol Pfeiffer / Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Phinney / The Piccirillo Family / Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Pickens / Regina Pilitowski / Lawrence & Christine Piwnicki / Eric & Isabel Pizzoferrato / Joan Plocharczyk / John & Peri Pogson / Frank & Cecelia Polgroszek / Roy & Susan Porter / Gordon & Francoise Pratt / Praxair, Inc. / Mr. & Mrs. Edward Preneta / Maura & Craig Raeburn / Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Ransom / Richard Rawa / Frank & June Ray / Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ray / Mr. & Mrs. William Raymond / Deidre Redden / Mr. & Mrs. Jack Reed / Mr. & Mrs. Preston T. Reed / Elenor Reid / Catherine Reider / George & Carol Reider / Trevor Reynolds / Mr. & Mrs. George W. Rheam / / Janet Robb / Mr. & Mrs. Peter Roberts / Mr. & Mrs. Paul Robotham / Mr. & Mrs. William Rock / Mr. & Mrs. John Rosati / Mr. & Mrs. Werner Rosshirt / Rotary Club of Farmington / Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Rourke / Ashis & Anita Roychowdhury Claudia Ryan / Clara E. Sanford / Ramkumar Sankaran / Mr. & Mrs. Gary Santa Maria / Dorothy Santora / Glenn Santoro / Cari Sataline / Michael & Sharon Schloss / Eric W. Schold / Suzanne Schulz / Scope Construction Company / Lorraine Scotti / Darcy & James Sepa / Servpro of the Farmington Valley / Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sessamen / Mr. & Mrs. Peter Setlow / Mr. & Mrs. David Shack / Ernest Shaw / Mr. & Mrs. Jay Sheehy / Mr. & Mrs. Steven Shmurak / Louise Sienkiewicz / Mr. & Mrs. Charles Silverman / Mr. & Mrs. Don Simpson / Ruth Simpson / Arlee Smith / Mary Alice Smith / Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sposato / Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Stallings / Lucinda Stanley / Mr. & Mrs. Brian Steele / Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Steele / Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Steinberg / Dr. Alan Stern & Cyndi Billian Stern / Liane Stevens / Virginia C. Stewart / Rodney G. & Dorothea S. Stieff / Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Stockwell / Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe Strong / / Bonnie & Robert Sudell / Amy & Brian Suffredini / Eleanor S. Sundman / Joan Hall Sussler / Eleanor & Donald Swanson / William & Marta Sylvester / David & Nicole Tabol / John & Barbara Taussig / Gerald L. Terwilliger / Kerry & Wink Tharpe / The Chudwick Family / The Village Nursery School / Douglas C. Thompson / Alice B. Trudell / Patricia W. Underwood / Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Pierre Van Rooy / Melissa Vaughan / David Velasco / James & Eleanor Vendetti / Robert M. Villanova / Norman L. Wack / Jeremiah & Lois Wadsworth / William A. Wadsworth / Barbara J. Walczyk / Holly N. Walden / Louise Walsh / William K. & Julia Ann Walton / Joan Ware / Anne & Alden Warner/ Helen H. Warner / Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wasley / Aura B. Welch / Judith Welcome / Mark & Mary Wendell / Mr. & Mrs. Lucius Whitaker, Jr. / Joanne White / Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Wild / Amy & John Wildhack / Margaret & David / Williams / Karen Williard / Susan Winters / Debbie & Bruce Wolfert / Jean F. Wollenberg / Yvonne Wollenberg / Philip K. Wooding / Forrest J. & Sharon Wright / Yale Class of 43 / / Joseph & Marlene Zawacki / Mary M. Zawacki / Robert & Kathleen Zawacki / Karen & Raymond Ziegler

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dr Burrstone’s program was amazing and enlightening.. depicting the transition of South Korea over the past 60 years.

Several audience members were Graduate dental students of Dr. Burrstone’s. As shown here, they were very enthusiastic and appreciative to learn about another dimension of his multidimensional interests.
The South Korea program last night was just remarkable in many ways. Especially the post-program dialog, which resembled my initial goal of the Greek Agora. Please come back to the Directors College on November 30 for Richard G. Stevens, Ph.D. Professor Stevens, an epidemiologist, has been working for a many years trying to help figure out the relationship between artificial light and cancers.
You can view a part of this program at this link: htpp:// 625/20110621 625.html

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Master Gardner’s are just the best!
They work diligently to maintain our world-class perennial flower garden and continually prune our trees and mulch and maintain our shrubbery. Furthermore, did you know that the master gardeners are here every Friday from around 9 till 11 in the morning to work on the garden and answer any gardening questions you may have about plants and plant care. Please strop by to learn about growing beautiful living things... Although this is the end of the season and the garden will soon be, fallow... the joy these folks bring to the library is just great... Thank You Master Gardeners.....

English as as Second Language at the Farmington Libraries

I asked a few students in the ESL class to write HELLO in their home language ... I received a one hundred percent positive response shown here.......

Monday, October 17, 2011

Alzheimer's Organization Fights back with a "FLOCKING"

October 17, 2011. If you visit the Main Library this week you will be amused and reminded of the terrific white elephant in the room that is Alzheimer’s’ disease. Library Volunteer, Library Board member and Farmington Village Green And Library Association’s Vice President, Terry Roberts, stands in front of the building as a Alzheimer’s association representative helps assemble the FLOCK while a young passerby does his part to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

A Sign of Freedom from Signs of History: A look at Farmington and the The Amistad

I am looking forward to learning from Kim A. Silva's January program "A Sign of Freedom from Signs of History" regarding the Amistad Affair and Farmington's involvement and hope you will join us on January 26 at 7:00 Barney Library 71 Main Street.

The leader of the Amistad known as Sengbe Pieh, Joseph Cinque and the "Black Prince" drew his strength from his Mende culture, storytelling and mime. In antebellum America how did this African, who spoke no English, prevail in three courts of law, and capture the interest and sympathy of the American public? Learn about the interconnected history between Farmington and the American School for the Deaf during the Amistad Affair. How and why did the Amistad Africans' tours to raise funds for their journey home become a catalyst for the Civil War?

Kim A. Silva M.A. Deaf Education
Presenter 8th Conference Deaf History International 2000 (and 2012 if my abstract is accepted!)
Coordinator, Amistad Tours The Farmington Historical Society
Board Member, The Freedom Trail
Author, A Sign of Freedom (unpublished manuscript)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

5th Annual Kristallnacht Lecture 11/10/11 10am

On Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM, we are honored to have Ms Gisela Adamski speak of her courage and survival as a Jewish human being in Europe during the Holocaust. This will be the 5th Annual Kristallnacht Lecture at the Farmington Library.  We will have the talk in the library's Community Room at 6 Monteith Drive in Farmington, CT.

Gisela Marianne Adamski, nee Sachs, was born on January 17, 1928 in Oppeln, Germany.  On April 21, 1943, at the age of fifteen, she was deported to Theresienstadt.  A year and a half later, she was deported to Auschwitz, and from there was moved to Kurzbach, a satellite camp of Gross-Rosen, in Germany.  In late January 1945, she and other inmates of the camp were forced to begin on a death march further into Germany, from which she escaped.  For five days she hid, until on February 4 she was liberated by the Russian army.  Later in 1945, she returned to her home town of Oppeln and married a Jewish soldier.  In the ten years that followed, she emigrated first to France, then to Israel, and lastly, on May 26, 1956, to the United States. 

Please register here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Barney Library's architecture, A Photo Essay By Dr. Alan Coykendall

Don't miss this great Directors College program on November 22 @ 7:00 pm @ the Barney Library.

Farmington’s Barney Library is a fine example of Greek Doric architecture. It was designed by Stephen B. Lawrence, and completed in 1918. It is not unique, because many examples of classic architecture can be found throughout Connecticut, and the entire U. S., not to mention Farmington’s many examples. However, the library is a public building and stands in an open area, which facilitates viewing its many interesting features both inside and out.

Using photographs of the library taken before, during, and after the recent restoration, plus pictures of buildings in Farmington and elsewhere, the presentation will touch on the origins of this type of building, and compare its Doric style (or “order”) with examples of the Ionic and Corinthian orders, some of which are only a few feet away from the library, or even in the library.

Some American Colonial details (certainly the doors) of the Barney Library reflect, and perhaps acknowledge, features in some of Farmington’s oldest and architecturally nicest houses. The interior has many reiterations of the Doric order, as well as Roman designs which are often seen in classic architecture and throughout Renaissance and baroque architecture.

The object is to show that this small building exemplifies much of what our culture values highly, and can teach us as much as what is on the shelves.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Directors College Presents: DARK SKY.. An Engaging lecture on the affects of artifical light on the planet and people.

November 30th 7:00 PM Barney Library Directors College Presents:

DARK SKY.. An Engaging lecture on the affects of artifical light on the planet and people.
Richard Stevens received a B.S. in Genetics from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of Washington in Seattle. He has been working for a long time trying to help figure out why people get cancer. A perplexing challenge which Stevens began to engage in the late 1970s is the confounding mystery of why breast cancer risk rises so dramatically as societies industrialize. He proposed in 1987 a radical new theory that use of electric lighting, resulting in lighted nights, might produce ‘circadian disruption’ causing changes in the hormones relevant to breast cancer risk, and thereby play an important role in breast cancer causation worldwide. Accumulating evidence has generally supported the theory. Stevens teaches medical/dental students, graduate students in the PhD program, and MPH students at UConn Health Center.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Afternoon at The Bijou" by Terry Matava


With the help of Bernie and Laura, we launched "Afternoon at The Bijou" with our new popcorn machine - the patrons LOVE it - there were 42 in attendance when the film started. I asked what brought them in: the movie, the air conditioning or the movie - they enthusiastically responded with "all three!" They were very appreciative - I thanked them back for their support!

Best, Terry

Wadsworth Atheneum Director, Susan Talbott presented a fabulous museum program

Wadsworth Atheneum Director, Susan Talbott presented a fabulous program on Sol Lewitt's collected works in the Atheneum's collection including wall drawings, sculpture and flat art. In addition, she detailed the wonderful new and forthcoming renovations planed for the Museum over the next few years. Thank you Susan, we all learned so much through your thoughtful and intelligent talk!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farmington Libraries go to Camp Courant

I had a wonderful time working with a few Camp Courant children here in Farmington. Youth and childhood are fleeting so having the opportunity to work and being immersed with these children was very rewarding and fun. Thank you all for being such good sports... J