Friday, December 10, 2010

Evan Cowles Presents:Images From Nepal, 21 Days in the Himalayas

It is so exciting to present our second Directors College program: Images From Nepal:21 Days in the Himalayas, October 2008 by sojourner Evan Cowles at the Barney Library on Wednesday February 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

Evan Cowles retired from his Landscape Architecture practice in July 2008
and immediately started training for a trek in the Anapurna region in October 2008. Cowles will tell the story of how he and five other trekkers spent 21 days on an ancient trade route that has been used for centuries.

Cowles’s trek around the Manaslu circuit started at a tropical 2,000 foot elevation. The ancient trade route followed the Budhi Gandaki river, proceeding over the snow covered Larke La pass with an altitude of almost 17,000 feet, and back down into the tropics again. As the altitude increased, the people and language changed from Nepali to Tibetan.

“While the stock market was plummeting and Obama was in the middle of his presidential campaign, we were oblivious as we traveled through a land right out of the fourteenth century. The typical family’s dinner was grown in sight their village, the grain ground by a water powered mill next door, and everything cooked over an open fire with the smoke making its way through a hole in the roof.”

The images are vivid digital photos that include children, ancient stone paths, and rickety suspension bridges.