Friday, October 29, 2010


Halloween does not have to be scary... Just little ones having a parade to music and dancing the day away at the Library..... Have a great and safe Halloween... Best Jay

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It was great fun working the Library Booth at the Fifth annual Unionville days community celebration. I was just amazed by the many new Farmingtonians I met who had not yet visited the Libraries. Naturally, they are all signed up and excited to belong to the "best deal in town". Furthermore, I had a chance to see many old friends and here in the picture below our esteemed Town Chairman Mike Clark along with his wife, Susan with my wife Cynthia, enjoying fellowship and a wonderful fall day. Mike and Cynthia were Rotary Road Race runners and really enjoyed the beauty of the Flora and topography as they ran the well laid out course. I believe that community is the Key to great libraries and Farmington, in my opinion, holds the master key. Special thanks to Steve Wasley for the photo and his and the Rotary Club of Farmington's unyielding support of library service and the Barney Renovations Project.
All my best, Jay

Friday, October 8, 2010

Director's College, Spring Rome Vacation

Six Day spring 2011
Non-Stop Air, Hotel and Breakfast
Under $1,400
Departing for Rome March 16, 2011
Returning March 22, 2011.
5 nights at the Alexandra or
similar hotel with airport transfers from
Farmington Library-JFK Rome Airport TO Hotel
To register contact
Executive Assistant, Bernie at
860-673-6791 ext.219
Deadline is October 10, 2010
Farmington Libraries
6 Monteith Drive
Farmington, CT 06032
www. farmingtonl

Farmington Libraries Annual Report For Fiscal Year 2009-2010

SINCE 1902

Jay Johnston M.S., M.A.
Executive Director

October 9, 2010

RE: Annual Report Fiscal Year 2009-2010 (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010)

To: The Farmington Community:


I am pleased to present to the citizens of Farmington our 2010 Annual Report. During these unusually challenging times, innovative public library service continues to emerge and flourish in Farmington. This is revealed through the many new users who, with greater frequency, need and demand: high speed-internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, vetted business resources like Morningstar and Moody’s, and job search help, including resume assistance, and the many other resources required to successfully navigate through life in 2010. Our goal is to provide new and long-time customers the best possible library experience. The library is really a team of public service consultants individually assisting citizens on-demand. Naturally, Farmington Libraries would not be as revered as they are without our accomplished professional staff with whom people enjoy a library experience far beyond expectations. We remain “the best deal in town”.
Although we are experiencing increases in the non-traditional services named above, traditional service continues to grow. Therefore, it is especially important to anticipate new technologies while continuing to provide a customer-focused 360 degree comprehensive program.

Our position as a premier community asset continues to change in magnitude and scope requiring extreme customer service to continue to give our customers what they want when they want it. We will continue this customer-focused practice to further leverage our resources by redirecting acquisitions based upon changes and shifts in the Farmington community’s interests.


After three years of research, focus group opinion, study and a tremendous amount of work, the decision was made to change our information platform to dramatically improve service and functionality, while reducing costs. This was executed by data migration to KOHA, the open-source library information system. The result of this transition is significant and began to present soon after our June cut-over and roll-out. Self-checkout is now available and public access technology is upgraded to further enhance the customer experience. A new archival scanning station is now in use to capture and present historic records, documents, and photos on our portal. Computer-U, now in its second year, is delivering technology classes and on-demand tutorial assistance to individuals needing help.


Although the Barney Branch is currently under construction, overall library use continues to increase. Lending approaches one half million while total service units delivered approaches one million. Naturally, these usage increases are significant; however, we have refocused and adjusted our direction toward the delivery of qualitative service units. Users’ experience and customer service outcomes are weighed more heavily than visitation/lending metrics. This approach is based in the total experience model, where a great deal more time and resources are required to assist customers than in the past, due to the complexity of questions and assistance. We have magnified our customer focus and inserted specific segmented broad spectrum goals into our strategic plan to measure, promote and manage customer satisfaction directly across all segments of library service. In that spirit, we are working directly with the community development director to amplify our Chamber of Commerce Business center resources through a cooperative effort to publicize and further develop these services and resources to enhance Farmington’s economic vitality.


FY2009-2010 presented several opportunities to effect top to bottom efficiencies in our operational model. These changes were executed to better serve customers and leverage resources by re-engineering human resources to improve service delivery. In that regard, we have re-engineered several departments, electronically migrated to a new improved library automation system, managed the renovation and additions to the Barney Branch Library, and established new programming enhancements to the Children’s Services program, focusing on specific developmental and structural elements to positively affect learning and social skill development.
Furthermore, we have increased the scope of our adult programming and developed a new relationship with the University of Hartford’s President’s College resulting in new enriched programming for our adult population. We are very enthusiastic about these enhancements in programming. In addition, we have won and participated in several grant programs directed at improving our computing capabilities, software library, and public access to the internet. The following highlights the many acomplishments of FY-2010.

Barney Library Accomplishments Fiscal Year 2009-2010

· Transferred all library resources to The Farmington Library and closed the Barney for renovation.
· Developed and implemented a Barney program of service from The Farmington Library for Fiscal Year 2009-2010.

Children’s Department Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

· Increased children’s programming by 5%, with a 6.8% increase in attendance.
· Reorganized and relocated children’s fiction and non-fiction, adding attractive signage.
· Upgraded the d├ęcor with the addition of a mural, painted house, and graphic column.
· Instituted a structured volunteer program that brings together teens and pre-schoolers as Reading Buddies.
· Introduced summer reading on-line registration.
· Added laptops for the convenience of adults using computers in the Children’s Department.

Lending Services for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

· Lending increased 2% over 2008-2009 ( 482,207 circulations)
· Visits equaled 256,080, a 9% decrease from 2009/2010
· Continuing increase in use of self-checkout (35,402 checkouts), a 29% increase.
· Increased holds and C-car delivery as patrons become more comfortable with system holds
· Outsourced and pre-processed covers resulting in faster processing.
· Re-cataloged/re-processed theme books in Children’s department
· Discarded all books on cassette in all departments.
· Discarded all children’s videos and majority of adult
· Extensive weeding of Branch collection
· Processed 1300 books from Service Centers for Summer reading
· In addition to ordering and processing materials from library budget, the following large gift materials were ordered and processed:
o Business Center (Chamber gifts)
o Friends DVD’s , Books on CD and Books
o Ethel Dewey gift for Books on CD
· Barney collection moved/ incorporated into Main collection both physically and in computer. Investigated total shelf-ready processing from vendor.
· Participated in setting up Sirsi coding for loan periods, fine rates etc. for transfer to Koha
· Training on Koha throughout Spring
· Koha implementation in June, including Lending, financial, holds and ordering
Adult Services for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

· Bestselling fiction selection and shipping was automated with our materials vendor.
· The Barney Library's adult and children collections were integrated and/or relocated to shelving in the Adult stacks facilitated by extensive shifting in our fiction and magazine sections.
· Interlibrary Loan processing was retooled due to our Koha migration.
· Individual 1-on-1 Koha catalog training for patrons by phone, email and in person helped ease our transition into our new computer system and library catalog.
· Programming initiatives, including computer U, Independent Film and Afternoon at the Bijou were successfully continued.
· Monthly Library Newsletter was designed and developed for library programming.
· Public Relations were successfully grown and maintained with local media, especially the Film Section in the Hartford Courant which prominently publicized our film events.
· Filmography initiative was launched to develop a backlist of classic DVD movies in adult collection.
· Led the presentation, bidding, and implementation of the Koha open source automated library system to the June 7, 2010 roll-out.