Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learn a foreign language at Farmington Libraries or from home using your Farmington library card

Technology and the Internet have created communications paths and possibilities not previously possible. I mention this because of the wonderful and revolutionary language learning system we have just installed at the Libraries for both Library and remote leaning. The system is called MANGO the results are amazing and recommended by LA Times Travel as an online language learning resource for travelers. Tango is great for: quick language checks, tune ups, travel preparation. Please look at the range of languages and learn a new language today on the main web portal on the bottom left hand side of the page….

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ByWater Solutions LLC, selected for ILS implementation

KOHA: An elegant solution to a complex problem.

I am excited to announce that Farmington Libraries are moving fast into the twenty first century with the selection of the KOHA integrated library system as our library automation platform. And, a new relationship with ByWater Solutions LLC as our ILS consultants. Open source software is fast becoming the standard software model in many organizations worldwide and has demonstrated great value by virtue of its fast diffusion throughout the world as the new library ILS standard. It is consequently exciting to be able to provide our citizen-customers with the best in ILS capability at a fraction of the current cost. To better serve our citizen-customers increasingly diverse needs, the KOHA system will provide greater flexibility and functionality within an economic climate dictating prudence, measure and the necessity finding better ways of doing business.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The KOHA open source solution was determined to be the best library automation software (ILS) to take Farmington Libraries to the next level

As a result of exhaustive cost analysis, comparative functionality testing, customer satisfaction, focus group, and library technology study, the Farmington Libraries will begin a new and exciting venture into open source integrated library automation software, ILS. I am particularly excited to be able to lead our transition into an exceptionally well designed and scalable ILS proven to provide features and functionality not currently available at one quarter of the current cost. This is a real twenty first century solution to rising operational costs without sacrificing functionality. Our Board, staff, and customers entered into an exhaustive process in order to make this difficult decision, however, the effort is well worth the effect and will be rolled-out in the spring of 2010. Stay Tuned