Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barney Branch Library Renovations To Begin Soon

The Barney Library will close on Thursday, August 13 at 5 p.m. in preparation for renovations which will be completed in September 2010. The collection is in the process of being systematically moved to the main Library beginning July 28th. A final Tag sale will take place on Friday August 28th and Saturday August 29th for residents to discover a treasure or retrieve a piece of Farmington History. All proceeds from the Tag Sale will go to the Barney Renovations and additions project fund.

We continue to ask for contributions to the renovations fund to allow this project to be completed with all the important technology and collections required to operate in the 21st century.

Goodbye Farmington Libraries Trustee Karen Williard

Goodbye Karen Williard, Farmington Libraries Trustee, a great visionary and friend of the Libraries. Karen is off to the bucolic northland of Vermont and has left an important legacy for us all in her time spent here. Thank you Karen and all the Best.