Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye Ann Arcari... We all will miss you in your retirement from Farmington Libraries.

Farmington Room Librarian, Ann Arcari, has helped people find information at the information desk and ran and organized the Farmington Room archives since 1981. Ann was presented with an Official Citation by State House Chief Assistant Deputy Majority Leader for Economic Affairs, Demetrios Giannaros, with Representative Beth Bye and State Senators: Assistant President Pro Tempore Donald J. DeFronzo, and Chief Assistant Majority Leader Jonathan A. Harris. Ann said goodbye to over 60 friends at the Main Library on June fourth. We all wish Ann well in her retirement

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kathy Piccirillo receives the first D. Newton Barney library service award

Service is precious and yet a rigorous effort, where balance is a difficult art at times. My corps of trustees has a wonderful understanding of how to balance and work effectively throughout the challenges they face as my bosses and Library policy makers. In that regard, Kathy has been exemplary and diligent in the execution of her duties as a library trustee. I thank her for her hard work and congratulate her on her accomplishments. I look forward to seeing here often at the Library

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dr. Timothy Breslin, Principal, Farmington High School presents "Friends of Farmington High School Award" to the Library Staff: YEA!

Thank you Farmington High School. It is exhilarating to have the main library next to the High School, students, young people, have such a great sense of humor and a need for recognition. We realize that their lives are not always easy and that they can not always communicate how they really feel. It is that difference in us that bonds us to them and gives us a great pride and satisfaction to receive this award. In short we thrive on working with Farmington's high school students who remind us of our glorious past and the promises of the future. We are so happy to know we can and do make a difference in their lives.