Friday, April 24, 2009

Arbor Day: Master Gardeners continue the legacy

Thank You Master Gardeners.... Spring has sprung. note: Initially installed by the Master Gardeners, the Farmington Library Garden is now a collaborative effort between the Master Gardeners and the "Friends" of Farmington Libraries. Maintained by both groups throughout the growing season, the garden is well worth a walk- through when visiting the library. If you are in need of gardening advice, please stop by on Friday mornings to ask questions of the pros.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbye "Scotty", Trustees Honor Scotty Donald

Goodbye "Scotty” , Trustees Honor Scotty Donald with Induction into the meritorious Sara Porter Society

Robert, W. “Scotty” Donald has been instrumental in so many ways here at Farmington’s Libraries over the past forty years. However, Scotty is now retiring as the second vice president of the Farmington Green and Library Association. In recognition of his long and distinguished service, Scotty was recognized by the Trustees with his induction into the Sara Porter Society joining Betty Coykendall and Sherra Palmer.

The award read: Scotty Donald has distinguished himself as a champion for the Farmington Libraries, giving his time, energy and love for the good of all in his efforts to coalesce
Unionville and Farmington through its libraries and therein through his actions Has affected positive and meaningful change and is therefore admitted to the honor of membership into the Sarah Porter Society. Scotty has brought excitement and meaning into Farmington and I wish him well as he goes off to new exciting adventures. Smooth sailing Scotty…..He has served as President, Vice President and of our parent organization the FVGLA, president of the Library Board, and almost every other office too. It is for all the reasons stated above, that Scotty was awarded the meritorious Sara Porter Society award. Congratulations Scotty, you are the Best.