Thursday, October 16, 2008

Betty Coykendall, Sara Porter Society Recipient

Working with volunteers is an especially rewarding experience. We are very lucky in Farmington to have so many wonderful volunteers who: work as Friends of the Library, work in the library on a set schedule, Work at the various book sales, and organize and work the garden tour and server as master gardeners in our garden. Betty Coykendall is a super volunteer, someone who has worked as a volunteer at the Libraries for over 35 years. Betty has given and continues to give tirelessly to better the library. She has served as President of our parent organization the FVGLA, president of the Library Board, President of the Friends, and all the while has worked as a key leader in the Friends Book Sale. It is for all the reasons stated above, that Betty was awarded the meritorious Sara Porter Society award. Congratulations Betty, you are the Best.