Friday, September 19, 2008

Lobster Fest was a great success in more ways than One!

Robert Putnam extols the importance of community involvement through volunteerism and community in his book “Bowling Alone”. Putnam could use the Farmington Rotary’s “Lobster on Main Street" event as a spark of hope and example for the revival of that important social fabric he believes has passed by in today’s society.

The Event was held on Saturday September 13 on the Barney Library and First Church lawn and engaged over 200 revelers. I wish to congratulate the Rotary Club and those members and friends who worked to make this event such a great success by serving 168 lobsters, 38 steaks, 22 Hot Dogs (Kids' Meals) to a well connected group from all over Town. Special thanks to: Rotarians Peter Antigiovanni, Jean Atwater-Williams, Ednalou Ballard, Norm Ballard, Dave Barrett, Bill Beckert, Jr., Ron Bernard, Dave Chalker, Frank Chase,Mike Cheshire, Mike Clark, Ben Davol, Jason Jastrzebski, Doug Kartsen,Ken Kaufman, Carole King, Joe Kintschi, Brad Lutz, Bill Mastrogiovanni, Jr.,
John Pecora, Kevin Ray, Howard Rosenfield, Augusto Russell, Matt Vendetti.
and Stephen Wasley. Special thanks to Karen Wasley and Paula Ray.