Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keeping Mentally Fit at the Library

NYT contributor Kate Hafner revealed a good deal of collected wisdom in her Saturday May 3rd NYT article “Exercise Your Brain, Or Else You’ll…Uh…”. The focus of the article revealed the fear middle age people experience with forgetfulness and its connotations to dementia. The general wisdom was to realize that fear, anxiety, and other psycho-traumatic events directly affect cognitive processing and are directly correlated to apparent mental dysfunction. Why am I posting this on my Blog? Because the Library has the answers to these concerns in a new program we are rolling out, “Stress Relief 1.0 Kit” these kits will contain computer games such as: Brain Age 2, MindFit and other computer based games. It is also helpful to participate in board games and read noniction materials. The Farmington Libraries are just a great place to find methods to help exercise your mind in so many ways. Keep posted.