Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank You Pat Smith

Pat Smith, Executive Director of the Texas Library Association and a good friend has just published a wonderful advocacy tool. 65 REASONS TO LOVE YOUR LIBRARY A Resource Kit for Texas Libraries. These are the reasons. If you are so inclined you can go to her link and learn more:

1. Get expert help with the Internet.
2. Use the library’s computers free of charge.
3. Keep up with the news and trends through
newspapers and magazines.
4. Check out the latest bestsellers.
5. Prepare to tackle home improvement projects
with how-to books and DVDs.
6. Borrow CDs and books before you buy them.
7. Enjoy comfortable, safe study areas.
8. Find biographies of the great and the average.
9. Research your health concerns.
10. Explore science, history and the world.
11. Use consumer research print and websites to
find best buys on what you want and need.
12. Learn how to invest in an IRA.
13. Investigate the best schools and colleges for
yourself and your children.
14. Enjoy story time with your child.
15. Participate in a book club.
16. Seek and find that rich uncle you never knew
about in our genealogy department.
17. Get tips on investing your inheritance now
that you have found your rich Uncle Harry.
18. Learn to care for your iguana –or other pet.
19. Track stocks or mutual funds.
20. Enjoy book talks for teens or adults.
21. Get help with your science fair projects
and term papers.
22. Find the movie of the book you enjoyed
–and vice versa!
23. Take a continuing education class.
24. Teach someone how to read.
25. Relish the helpful assistance of librarians and
volunteers who enjoy assisting you and others.
26. Research your local history. Maybe you’ll find
out where the skeletons are buried in your town.
27. Learn another language.
28. Ask your library to arrange a loan of a book or
other resource from another library.
29. Locate back issues of magazines and newspapers.
30. Look for the print or electronic book or magazine
your spouse threw away in your library.
31. Catch up on the classics.
32. Find selected foreign language books –libros
del idioma extranjero.
33. Save money by borrowing your library’s collections
of books, DVD’s, audio books, etc. rather
than buying them.
34. Join in community-wide affairs.
35. Enjoy good air conditioning when it’s hot and
snuggly warmth when it is cold.
36. Plan a vacation anywhere from Argentina to
37. Discover a love poem for your significant other.
38. Take a practice test for becoming a policeman,
fireman, graduate student, citizen . . .
39. Find out what else happened on the day you
were born.
40. Learn why all the fish died in your aquarium
and how to train your puppy.
41. Get help on preparing your will, trust, etc.
42. Learn how to write a good letter of resignation
and a new resume.
43. Check out a couple of great books on tape
that the whole family can enjoy on the drive to
Grandma’s and other distant places.
44. Find out how to replace your lost birth certificate.
45. Check your e-mail with our free Internet access.
46. Get the lyrics or the CD of that old song you
heard on the radio 37 years ago.
47. Obtain forms for federal financial aid.
48. Learn about how to obtain a U.S. patent or
49. Find out where to obtain free government publications.
50. Learn how to secure a copyright and get the
forms, too.
51. Get your IRS forms online or at your library.
52. Find federal statistics on everything from cell
phones to Internet use in the U.S. and world.
53. Get solid medical information from sources
such as MEDLINE.
54. Use our easy access website to find links to
free subscriptions to online resources and
55. Find the correct temperature to cook your
Thanksgiving turkey.
56. Return books to any branch library in your
library system.
57. Research ideas for statewide history day,
Women’s History Month, Black History Month,
Children’s Library Week and more months,
weeks and days of note.
58. Turn in a list of books and other materials that
you would like to see the library acquire.
59. Check out the best books to read to your children.
60. Suggest improvements to your library and
know your suggestions will be appreciated.
61. Help your library by volunteering, participating
in the Friends group, assisting with special
projects. Your investment in time and ideas
will pay off big time to your community and to
62. Read the latest comic books before they become
63. Use the convenient outside book drop when
the library is closed.
64. See original works of art on display.
65. Check your library account online. (If this service
is not available now, it will be soon!)