Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working Together

Working Together is easy and fun when you have a good team. I have to applaud Barbara Knibbs, Hal Bright, Judy Guglietta and Terry Matava on their recient reorganization project of our adult computer cluster.

Giving Tree; a chance to convert overdue library materials into food

We have instituted our first Giving Tree which has netted over 1,500 lbs of nonperishable food in the first 10 days. Farmington people are very generous. Library fines a good thing??? Your library fines can turn into a great thing! If you return your overdue items between June 2 and June 28, they can help fight hunger in Farmington! The following was contributed by Jeanne Johnson: “Even though I was just contribution and didn't owe any fines, I think your Food For Fines Program is a great idea. I also like the idea that non food items--tooth brush, paste--- were accepted items. "

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Third Graders Visit The Farmington Library

One of our best new initiatives is the third grade visit... This program had its maiden voyage on Monday June second.. where children from Noah Wallace and West District schools visited and were just great to have visit. These vital youngsters learned a good deal about how the Library operates behind the scenes and what the library is all about. East Farms and Union Schools will visit within the next few days and I look forward to meeting each of them as well.