Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Archaeological Assessment, FVGLA Library Connection

Farmington Libraries parent organization, the Farmington Village Green and Library Association was founded in 1901 as the result of a land grant from Sarah Porter, The founder of Miss Porter's School. The Association has grown in scope and purpose over the years and now stands as an amalgam consisting of four entities: The Stanley Whitman House, The Village Green, Memento Mori, and Farmington Libraries. I work directly for this non-profit association parochially referred to as the FVGLA.

Since, the Village Green is historic ground and will somehow be affected by the road work, the State is required to have an archaeological assessment of the land affected to proceed with the route 4 realigninment project. I stopped by to photograph archaeologists: Jolene Karpinski, Ray Harris, Project Archaeologist Nichole Gillis, and Becky DiAngelo at work.

Knitting at the library. What, other than knitting, do you suppose these children are learning?

Knitting is a skill and craft which has waned over the years. However here @ the Library the joy knitting and making something from scratch is reemerging through the efforts of children's programmer Paula Montes. Bring your children, grand children and great grand children to the library to learn many more skills than knitting.