Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Library Volunteers: who they are and how you may become involved

Farmington Libraries including the Main library on Monteith Drive and the Barney Branch Library on Main Street are actively seeking new volunteers and are volunteer friendly. During the fiscal year 2006-2007 over 2,000 volunteer hours were given to the libraries, we need more help and invite you to learn more about library volunteering the next time you stop by the library.

Volunteer opportunities fall into several categories and present various challenges: 1. The Friends Book Sale is a tremendous undertaking and provides great camaraderie and fellowship. 2, Master Gardner’s are expert in their work and dedicated to beautifying the library garden 3. Adult Volunteers do many tasks in the library to support the staff including returning materials to the shelves and item repair 4. Teen Volunteers read to pre-K children, and work at the children's desk for program sign-up and special tasks.

On September 20th, we are celebrating with our Adult Volunteers at a special breakfast buffet provided by the library Staff. Over the past nine months we have produced three appreciation breakfasts for the many adult volunteers and a special Pizza lunch for our Teen volunteers. So whether you volunteer to shelve books, or sell books at the Friends Book Sale, those who spend their time here make a tremendous difference to the library and benefit by knowing they have done a good thing for the community. I hope those of you who have considered helping the library will step forward this year and become part of our tremendous volunteer corps. I have posted a few pictures of past volunteer appreciation events for posterity.