Monday, September 17, 2007

Children's Puppet Theater Grand Opening Celebration

We are celebrating creativity and the application of art to spontaneous learning during the opening of our new children’s Puppet Theater, designed and created by Artist Ted Esseltine, pictured above. The celebration begins at 5:30 on Friday evening September 14.

Theater donor, Mary-Kay Newell is extremely happy to have brought this wonderful addition to the library and believes in the importance of Art and culture to the library’s mission. Director Jay Johnston is excited to see that imagination and creative spirit held within all of us manifest in many forms when children have the opportunity to become a part of the theater's magic. "Children of all ages will benefit from the experience encountered upon viewing this remarkable space".

The Theater is open for use during regular library hours and everyone is encouraged bringing their youngsters to the library to experience this powerful experience.

The Farmington Library’s Puppet Theater dedication

The Farmington Library’s Puppet Theater dedication was spectacular with over 100 attendees including: Library Board members, Town Council, FVGLA officers, Friends, children and a host of other members of our library community. Everyone gathered at the Theater on Friday evening September 14th to celebrate imagination and the creative spirit fostered through the spontaneity that resides within all of us. Our Benefactor, Mary-Kay Newell and artist Ted Esseltine were on hand to receive kudos from the thrilled audience while Champagne and refreshments were provided by Apricots… This is an important new element to our children’s program which I expect to provide a great deal of energy and enjoyment to our children.