Thursday, June 18, 2015

Three Cheers for the Runners

Everyone who participated in the Solstice Race for the Libraries had a great time on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, when the Hartford Track Club held its annual 5K Solstice Race to benefit the Farmington Village Green and Library Association, of which the Farmington Libraries are a part. The race took place at the MDC Reservoirs in West Hartford and was a Blast! Special thanks to Kelly Burns Gallagher for all that she does for the community.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Andy Baron stepped down as Library Board Chair and passed the gavel to Alan Sherman as new Chair

Andy thanked the Board for their support and congratulated everyone on the camaraderie and great joy he has had leading the Board. FVGLA President Terry Roberts commented on the Board’s outstanding performance and Andy for his superb leadership.

The Annual library awards program is a time to review the year’s accomplishments and acknowledge the great work our trustees do over their four-year terms. This year is unusual in that we are saying good by to five Trustees: JoAnn Cephas, Monique Schatten, Ram Gopalan, "Ben" Choukri Ben-Mamoun and Janice Carroll. Each of these individuals has given a great deal to the Libraries and I shall miss them greatly. The program was short and we all had a great time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Farmington Room Grand Reopening: May 12, 2015

There is nothing better than a reawakening reopening!

It was fabulous to bring so many interested parties together to show off our new Farmington Room assets: BiblioBoard, designed to support Paideia studies managed by Travis Feder and the digitization of the Farmington Valley Herald newspaper managed by Laura Horn. These projects will allow students an others to access information previously difficult to reach through an elegant automated indexing system. 

The Highlight of the event was a celebration of Betty and Dr. Alan Coykendall’s endowment gift to the Libraries “ Farmington Room”. The headline of the event was the discovery, purchase and presentation of two long lost Greek History volumes removed from the libraries original 18th century collection, and given by Dr. Paul Kramer.

We all had a great time and it is exciting to see resurgence in interest in the Farmington’s History.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Farmington Libraries
The Best Deal in Town

The Main library and Barney Library are examples of Mid-Century Modern and Neoclassical Architecture, respectively. The libraries are among the best-used in the state, with about one million service units issued each year. Free services include: books, video, e-books, laptops and public computers, w-fi, Nooks and Kindles, children’s and adult programs, art exhibits, concerts, book talks, travelogues, an annual book sale, and coffee bar, as well as a passport facility and notary public services. Coming soon are a Maker Space and Media Lab. On top of all of that, they’re great places just to visit, meet friends, or relax. Farmington Libraries, the best deal in Town.

Faces of 

Barney Library 
 Main Library Kids Space 

 Main Library Kids Programming